How to Use Whatsapp Chatbot for eCommerce and Increase Conversion

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In today’s highly dynamic, mobile-first eCommerce market, providing outstanding consumer service is the best way to stay competitive. A recent study highlights the value of customer loyalty, revealing that rising customer retention rates by only 5% will boost earnings from 25% to 95%, and improving customer service is the only way to improve customer satisfaction.

The eCommerce industry has grown exponentially in the nearly 20 years since its birth, owing to groundbreaking technological developments in artificial intelligence and ever-changing consumer behavior. 

Because of the fierce rivalry on a global scale, which is getting harder every day, eCommerce as an enterprise is frustrating in terms of customer retention. Unlike other markets, the eCommerce market has limited entrees and a large number of potential customers.

WhatsApp is without a doubt one of the most popular chat applications of our day, with 1.5 billion monthly users worldwide. Not to forget, the eCommerce market is one of the fastest-growing and perhaps most evolved markets. Incorporating WhatsApp into the equation is a wise decision!

Customizing WhatsApp eCommerce chatbots is an ideal way to cut through the congestion of marketing while still automating conversions. A WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce is a software program that allows consumers to effortlessly communicate with an online store.

Why Should an eCommerce Company Use a WhatsApp Chatbot?

Since the competition in eCommerce has increased and is continuing to increase, protecting your eCommerce company is therefore critical. In such a situation, attracting attention and retaining your market status can be difficult. As a result, online companies must make use of resources that will help them increase their visibility and revenue. 

Here, a chatbot might be the useful tool you’re looking for. You can achieve this quickly, cost-effectively without any coding, thanks to the Xenioo no-code platform.

Benefits of Using a WhatsApp Chatbot for eCommerce Business

The most serious problems that the eCommerce market is currently facing are converting consumers into paying customers and earning money. 

A WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce not only automates the task of responding to consumer inquiries but also lowers costs and increases the productivity of the customer service staff. Xenioo supports WhatsApp through external service providers that you can freely choose.

The following are some of the advantages of using a chatbot:

  • Allows for real-time interactions and immediate responses to customer questions.
  • Assists in the development of consumer trust and loyalty
  • Allows shoppers to respond quickly, taking them down the sales path.
  • Allows businesses to provide assistance to consumers through their favorite chat platform, enhancing their shopping experience.
  • End-to-end encryption ensures encrypted consumer correspondence on WhatsApp.
  • Assists you in achieving a higher level of market awareness.

5 Ways a WhatsApp Chatbot Will Help You Sell More Online

If you need an eCommerce WhatsApp chatbot creator, Xenioo has a ready-to-use solution for you! With Xenioo, businesses get a ready-to-use tech solution for consumer engagement, complete with an intuitive UI. In this article, we’ll discuss whether an eCommerce company like yours should incorporate a WhatsApp chatbot into their market strategy.

1. Gets Qualified Prospects Into The Sales Funnel

One issue that remains unanswered is whether the general public or on-looking potential customers are willing to participate in your business or brand as they visit your website or social media sites. Is everyone who comes to your site converting?

Surely, the figure isn’t that high. This is because your procurement staff will not be able to entertain any person who visits your website, and as a result, you will miss out on the opportunity to add them to your sales funnel. This never happens with a chatbot! Since chatbots are still available to assist and direct your guests as soon as they arrive on your website.

They assist the eCommerce marketers by gathering information, demographic, and behavioral information from your guests and allowing them to join your sales funnel. As a result, the sales staff may focus on potential leads that are willing to pay to join your clientele. Chatbots have the potential to completely transform online shopping by leveraging the whole sales funnel.

2. Still There to Assist and Guide

Chatbots are allies that are always willing to help and direct you. The benefit of AI chatbots in eCommerce is that they can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without taking a break. They are always present to help you as a true friend.

They still don’t get bored asking the same question over and over; instead, they will answer any of the often asked questions, reducing the support team’s tedious work. You will solve your clients’ issues/doubts in seconds and have an unparalleled experience on your e-store with only a little preparation.

3. Using Bots to Shop Increases Revenue

Shopping with chatbots will be more profitable and the recommendations they make can make the customers’ journeys easier. During the conversation, they will make product/service suggestions that will make the whole shopping experience easier for the eligible lead, since they will not have to start from scratch.

ECommerceWhatsAppchatbot tools will also provide a series of upselling and cross-sell services to help a company close a deal. For example, if the consumer has bought sports shoes, the chatbot will display sets of sports T-shirts as well as caps as an upsell product. 

Thus, by using a chatbot, you will be able to take advantage of upselling and cross-selling tactics, which are two of the most effective strategies in use today.

4. Enhances the Customer Experience

Chatbots will help you boost your company’s success and have improved customer service in the future. Chatbots in eCommerce could ask your customers to rate their overall experience on your platform and also recommend opportunities for development that could be preventing you from achieving better results.

eCommerce chatbots can not only help you boost the success of your website, but they can also focus on the places that need to be changed based on customer input.

5. The Use of eCommerce Chatbots Increases Customer Retention

Retaining loyal consumers is just as critical as gaining new ones in the eCommerce world. Old customers have a better conversion rate than new leads because they are familiar with and trust the business. Chatbots provide assistance anytime your clients need it and strive to resolve all queries in the shortest time possible. Simply put, this leaves the clients happier and satisfied.

The versatility of chatbots enhances your website’s user service. As a result, the likelihood of retaining the same client without any effort increases.

To conclude, WhatsApp for the company will help you generate highly skilled leads, which will help you maximize sales. By automating low-level frequent queries, it may also cut maintenance expenses. Since they are a faster mode of communication, WhatsApp Chatbots are easier to use than conventional alternatives for both agents and consumers. 

Unlike emails and SMS, they can also establish a human connection, which would eventually lead to helping improve overall user service. It is for this purpose that many companies employ Xenioo to provide chatbot development services in order to build WhatsApp API chatbots.

What About a Real Example?

Below you can try a real chatbot example for an online store. Try it right now! Don’t forget that you can look for more chatbot examples here and all of them are available and ready to use in your Xenioo account.

Wrapping up

Join the WhatsApp Bot experience under your organization with Xenioo. Allow us to guide you through and give your organization the best customer service it can provide. Connect with us at

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