(2021) Telegram Bot List, 5 Examples Ideas to Boost Your Channel

In this article, we offer you a telegram bot list that can inspire you in the creation of your chatbot. But first, let’s do a little introduction about telegram and bots.

Telegram is a growing platform known for its safety, messaging delivery speed, and a slew of other features that make interaction more enjoyable. Chatbots, for example, are available 24 hours a day and can provide a wealth of useful knowledge in the blink of an eye. 

There are already a large number of bots available to assist people in obtaining data on a range of topics. In this article, we’ll look for the best Telegram bot list for 2021. Get ready for a burst of creativity!

What is a Telegram Bot?

After Telegram released a new Telegram bot API in 2015, bots began to appear. It enables third-party developers to build bots using the messenger app as their main basis. Many programmers have worked with the given API to generate interesting and unique bots for different purposes, and the list of Telegram bots is huge.

Telegram bots, in a nutshell, are software that is programmed to perform specific tasks, obey commands, and communicate with users. Bots operate within the Telegram framework and do not need to be installed separately.

Telegram’s functionality can be improved by using bots. You can, for example, send regular updates to your friends, appointment timers for yourself, interpret messages, obtain weather warnings and play online games.

All you have to do is add a bot to your channel or chat. How are you going to do it? It takes just a few seconds and is very close to adding a friend to your conversation.

By going to Telegram Search and putting in a particular bot’s name, you will quickly locate them. Bot developers usually offer an overview of their goods and how they function.

Here’s a Telegram Bot List to Help You Get Creative:

Telegram Bot #1: Eddy Travels

Industry: Travel

Purpose: looking for flights, accommodation, and restaurants

Name: @EddyTravels_bot

One of the most popular Telegram bots for tourists is this one. It is driven by Skyscanner and assists users in finding the best fares, hotels, and places to visit around while in the city. Simply choose a location or choose “take me anywhere” to be encouraged.

When searching for flights or accommodation, it will show you the three top choices or include a connection to Skyscanner for more choices. It will enable the location on Google maps for locations to visit.

The bot remembers your position so you wouldn’t have to go through the same process over and over. It also has tooltip commands: select /flights, /hotels, or /places to get an accurate response.

Why it is Good for the Users: In your chat, you’ll find all you need to learn about a particular location. To provide the most important search terms, the bot’s creators claim to use computer vision and some software tricks.

Why it is Good for the Business: This Telegram chatbot, in addition to providing value to consumers, generates free referral traffic as well as other partner sites.

Telegram Bot #2: Skeddy

Industry: personal effectiveness

Purpose: Keeps a to-do list and provides a reminder

Name: @SkeddyBot

Among the bots in the Telegram bot list, this bot is a lifesaver for those that are habitually late or overlook stuff. You may make quick notifications like “pick up Margaret at 6 pm” or even more complicated ongoing routines like “drink water every few hours” by simply delivering a signal to the bot.

Why it is Good for the Users: This Telegram bot enables you to easily make reminders and stay on schedule.

Why it is Good for the Business: Although such Telegram bots appear to have no straightforward business usefulness at first glimpse, they can serve as useful pieces of branded material. Think about making something unique and functional, and people can engage with your brand on a daily basis as a result. This bot, in general, could provide visitors to a website or blog by sharing links on how to enhance management skills.

Telegram Bot #3: Asos Helper Bot

Industry: eCommerce

Purpose: Assists people in comparing product prices and optimizing money

Name: @AsosHelperbot

Asos is one of the most well-known stores in the world on the Telegram bot list. Price levels vary depending on the location and currencies you select when making a purchase. The bot compares prices across the whole of Asos’ sites and selects the best deal for each item.

Why it is Good for the Users: Asos bot makes it possible for consumers to save money or make better decisions.

Why it is Good for the Business: eCommerce businesses can use the bot’s functionality to enable their customers to evaluate a variety of products, including costs, products, locations, and materials. This approach will allow people to make stronger judgments during the consideration phase of a purchase.

Telegram Bot #4: VoteBot

Industry: any

Purpose: creating any kind of polls

Name: @vote

This bot assists in the development of polls and their distribution to groups or networks. You have the choice of adding two or more response choices. The survey may be available to the public or kept private.

Why it is Good for the Users: Even if they are not ready to talk, the bot helps people to express themselves and communicate with the community.

Why it is Good for the Business: It enables customers of your community or channel to participate. For example, some IT firms conduct polls on new products, such as: What do we do after this? or How do you feel about the new release? Creating surveys is a good way to demonstrate that you care for your customers and that you respond to them.

Telegram Bot #5: Yandex – Translate Bot

Industry: Search

Purpose: This Telegram bot translates texts to some other languages

Name: @YTtanslateBot

This bot lets users engage with individuals from all over the world by translating texts into any language. It’s simple and intuitive to use: simply select your native and target languages, and voila!

Why it is Good for the Users: It is super easy to set up and use. Along with that, there is no need to get out of the messenger to search for a word in the dictionary while using this bot.

Why it is Good for the Business: This bot was created by a Russian search engine company as part of a larger effort to boost brand recognition globally 

5 Ideas to Boost Your Channel:

If you need some boost in your channel, here are some quick tips that will help you with it!

1. First and foremost, you need to specify your goal

2. Quality comes first, then quantity

3. Always choose a specific time to share your posts

4. Keeping up interaction and engagement with the members of your channel

5. Whatever you do, do not specify that your channel is for advertisement. As this specification might make people not want to join your channel.

As you can see, the Telegram bot list is pretty huge. Telegram bots come in a range of shapes and sizes, so choose one that best suits your needs and put it to the test! By the way, if you use a chatbot service like Xenioo, you won’t have to code your bot. Xenioo has differentiation tools with tags and variables to handle the audience, in addition to a simple chatbot creator.

Do you want to learn more about the Telegram bot? You can read our guide How to make a Telegram bot with Xenioo

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