TOP Discord bots: discorver all types of chatbots you can create with Xenioo

In this article I’m going to talk about main types of Discord Bots. But why? And what is Discord?

Gamers adore Discord’s chat shop. First introduced as an alternative to big-name applications like Skype, the primary demographic is video game lovers. It is also a place where there are plenty of chatbots. Let us just look at Discord more closely. We’ll think about why you might want to create Discord Bots—and how. Moreover, we will examine a few instances of Discord Bots and discuss how they value members.

What’s Discord to Begin With?

Discord is a very different channel of communication. It is based on a particular demographic, which are gamers.  Naturally, not all gamers have the same passions, and the gaming community is diverse. Fortunately, almost all of them are covered by Discord architecture.

The app also represents a composite version of what it provides. Discord has both a voice and a text chat option, so it’s a networking site and a game shop. Like Facebook groups, Discord offers different server groups in the application. The servers allow a gamer to discover and engage in conversation with his or her communities.

Whereas Slack is there to discuss all work-related information, Discord is about game-related talks. This analogy can be selected and discrepancies pointed out — and there are a few — although it is accurate at the basic level.

Discord is trending, too. There have been plenty of discussions with 14 million gamers per day and 325 million messages a day—and many of them have chatbots. There are many differences, but their main objective is to boost the all-over experience with the application.

Discord Bots List: Types of Bots you can create with Xenioo

Discord contains all kinds of chatbots so that it is hard to keep count of them definitely. The enchantment of Discord bots is they can do almost anything they need to. They deal with tasks such as:

  • Moderating conversations in the servers
  • Playing music on the servers
  • Managing and handling communities
  • Weeding out spam
  • Game searching

See the Discord Bot List for a sense of the full range of Discord Bots. Discord also produces excellent tutorials with different tools for constructing bots. Along with that, there is also an article by Xenioo on how to build your own Discord Bots.

Server Moderation Bots:

Some reviewers define it as a “do all bot” and Aethex sends out welcome messages, user statistics and even allows users to add pals to a game. Aethex, of course, also assists users in fundamental moderation duties like muting, removal or banning, if necessary.

Dyno is also an option. This bot allows you to automatically filter spam and handle the role of members. You also can circulate customized orders to contact peers, add playlists and execute server moderator duties.

You can create server moderation bots with the help of the chatbot platform Xenioo!

Music Bots:

There are a few music bots for discord. Among the discord music bot, the most famous and trendy one is the Rythm bot on discord. Rhythm lets people of Discord play music while playing the game. Bot for the player from Youtube, SoundCloud, Twitch and other video sites can be activated by users. Just make a quick command with both the name of the track you want to listen to play songs with Rythm.

It may be that Bastion is what you need if you want a music bot that does something different from just playing your music requirements. While music is the go-to feature of the Bastion although, Rythm does a lot of the same, it allows users to play virtual currency, upload user-post content or handle feedback from users.

Other Kinds of Discord Bots:

Several Discord Bots are responsible for server management and music, and many other bots undertake the more particular function. For instance, Medalbot supports users in recording gaming and submitting records to Medal, an application that aggregates game clips.

But what if you want to go beyond viewing and sharing the users’ game clips? What if you would like to connect to the users directly? Perhaps Stranger is needed. Users can hold private chats with other peers through Stranger or transform server channels into specific group chats.

You can create this kind of discord Chatbot, customize them using the platform Xenioo without a hassle!

How To Make A Discord Bot?

You get a sense of flexibility when constructing Discord bots. Use any techniques and connect a Discord bot via the Discord API.

Try using a disk-specific module such as discord.js to speed up development. This library of JavaScript was designed to communicate expressly with the Discord API. You may also use Xenioo, which is defined as “a highly customizable framework” for Disk Bots. JavaScript is also used to write it. With Xenioo code skills are not required, you just need to build your bot with the intuitive flow editor.

Whichever tools you use, make sure your bot is deployed on both Discord and a specific domain. Chances are that in settings beyond Discord some of your bot characteristics are relevant—even if you first plan to construct a bot on that platform alone. In particular, a.BOT domain is an excellent place to use your bot always to assure it has a home. Your bot could surpass Discord over time. On the other hand, your chatbot might grow a unique, bot-focused domain.

Frameworks for the Creation of a Discord Bot:

On any big chat-bot platform, you can create your Discord bot. Take a look at this Discord and Xenioo tutorial for a general overview of how to create a Discord Bot with Xenioo, one of the most popular chatbot platforms. The fundamental steps are:

  • Create a server for Discord.
  • Use the native configuration tools to create an application.
  • Create your application with a bot user.
  • Fill your server with the bot.
  • Receive a Glitch account to run your code. Create a project and find the project archive file.
  • Fill in the file with discord credentials.
  • Create a Xenioo account, execute the settings prompts and get a token for the client.
  • Add your Glitch project code to the archive folder. This brings NLP to the codebase of your bot.
  • To build classification models for your bot, use the NLP dialogue flow engine.

Why Pick Xenioo for Your Discord Bots?

Xenioo is a specialized, multi-platform, AI-powered chatbots that enables you to develop without coding. The AI chatbot platform is a complete solution for creating virtual conversational helpers who can capture leads and attract customers.

It has an intuitive visual flow designer, multi-platform publishing, built-in NLP and third-party NLP integrations, team collaboration options as well as Xenioo is very reasonably priced when making plans for the customers. 

Final Thought

Conversational marketing is the next best thing, and with Discord Bots, you can take things to the next level. There are numerous options and types of Discord Bots you can create with Xenioo. Last but not the least; begin with the Discord API documentation. This should provide you with a good sense of what it means to create a Discord bot. The Discord.js library will accelerate your development process if you are in a time shortage!

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