Chatbot Examples: find inspiration among these amazing ready-to-use chatbot flow

Chatbot Examples: find inspiration among these amazing ready-to-use chatbot flow

Use our chatbot examples to help your business grow their sales, acquire leads, collect feedback and provide real time customer support. All chatbot examples can be deployed in a matter of minutes and can work with all the platform like website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Microsoft Teams, Slack and many others. No need to build a chatbot from scratch!

Lead Generation

Automate your lead qualification processes and start profiling prospect with a ready-to-use lead gen chatbot.

Customer Support

Provide the best customer experience with a chatbot capable of answering your customers' most common queries.

Recruitement & HR

Screen candidates faster and enable your HR team to gather the information they need using a conversational chatbot.

Survey & Quiz

Discover how you can leverage chatbot powers to speed up online survey and make your business on the right track.


A travel chatbot example is the ideal solution to improve customer experience and help them with an automated travel assistant.

Real Estate

Use real estate chatbot to skyrocket your lead generation and appointment bookings for your property rentals business.

Need a chatbot template?

If you would like to preview a chatbot example for a use case you didn't find here, we can build one!

Chatbot Examples FAQs

Xenioo is an online platform for building chatbots without writing a line of code thanks to a powerful visual flow editor and a lot of awesome features. But often, starting from scratch, can be difficult or there’s no need to reinvent a flow.

With our chatbot examples, you can find a fully functional template for your use case that you can reuse and customize to fit your brand and product.

Before signin up for a Xenioo chatbot platform free account, you can preview each chatboy example and try out the end-user experience.

Using a chatbot example (or template) is very straighforward and you can do it in a matter of few minutes.

Just log in into your Xenioo account and click “Templates” in the header of the Xenioo dashboard.

You will view a list of all templates at once. Just select the best that fits your need and clone it into a brand new chatbot that you can customize at will.

Yes! You can customize any of our chatbot example, and the good news is that you don’t need any technical skill.

Once the chatbot template has been cloned in your Xenioo account, you can change the content as you wish to refer your brand or product.

We have tranining videos showing you step by step how to work with the Xenioo visual designer.

If you’re in trouble, just drop a line to our team.

All our chatbot examples or templates are free to reuse for everyone and forever.

Some of our templates use premium features and in that case you should upgrade to a paid plan if you aim to publish them live on your website or other channel.

All you need to do now is open a free account. It takes less than 20 seconds.

Yes! Xenioo provides a wide list of out of the box integrations such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, SendGrid, WordPress, Firebase, Zapier and many more.

There are API actions and Webhooks configurations that allows for no-code and friendly integrations with any third-party services and software that speak REST or legacy XML-SOAP.

If you have custom integration needs, don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help set everything up for you.

All Xenioo chatbot examples, once cloned, can be published on all the channels we support without limits.

Even if these chatbot templates has been optimized for website, they are quite ready (at least they require only minimal modifications) to be deployed on other channels such as Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram and others.

Yes, our chatbots examples are ready to be used with WhatsApp.

You only need to choose and configure a WhatsApp provider before publishing the chatbot.

If you want help figuring out how to get started with WhatsApp, just contact our team.

All of our chatbot examples can be fully customized to recognize user questions and comments. Xenioo offer a powerful built-in NLP engine besides integrations with Google Dialogflow and IBM Watson Assistant.

An AI chatbot takes longer to set up. However, it provides a more natural conversational experience.

Our team of experts can help with your AI chatbot needs.

If you didn’t find a chatbot example for your specific use case, send us a quick message here.

Our team of expert chatbot developer will be happy to help you out with building a new and fully functional template for your business needs.