What Is a Chatbot: The Future of Communication, Sales and Lead Generation (+5 Examples)

What is a Chatbot?

What is a chatbot is one of the questions we hear most often. A chatbot is a piece of artificial intelligence (AI) software that can simulate a natural language conversation with a user through messaging apps, websites, smartphone apps, or the telephone. Bots interpret and handle user requests and have immediate, specific responses.

What is the significance of a chatbot? A chatbot is often referred to as one of the most advanced and promising forms of human-machine interaction. However, from a technical standpoint, a chatbot is simply the inevitable development of a Question Answering machine that makes use of Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

One of the most common examples of Natural Language Processing used in numerous business end-use applications is formulating answers to natural language questions.

One of the most significant benefits of chatbots is that, unlike apps, they are not imported, do not need updating, and do not use memory on the phone. Another advantage is that we can have several bots in the same conversation. You can achieve this quickly, cost-effectively without any coding, thanks to the Xenioo no-code platform.

Why are Chatbots Essential for Your Company?

A chatbot implementation strategy will increase operating productivity and cost savings for companies by providing consumers with comfort and additional services. They allow businesses to quickly address a wide range of customer questions and problems while reducing the need for human intervention.

What is a chatbot used for? AI Chatbot apps improve consumer loyalty by streamlining communications between individuals and utilities. Around the same time, they provide businesses with new ways to increase customer loyalty and organizational performance by lowering the typical cost of customer support. 

If you need a marketing chatbot tutorial, Xenioo has a ready-to-use solution for you! With Xenioo, businesses get a ready-to-use tech solution for consumer engagement, complete with an intuitive UI.

What Is And How Does It Work?

1. What is a Marketing ChatBot: eCommerce turned Simple

Giving a gift to a new neighbor is difficult, but choosing a gift for a good friend is easy. Why is this the case? Since you treat your mate like the back of your hand.

Similarly, marketing goods to consumers can be difficult if you don’t know your audience. This difficult task is made easier by a chatbot.

A chatbot makes it simple to grasp the audience. It allows you to recognize customer product tastes, preferences, and dislikes. This also increases lead interaction.

When users converse with a chatbot, it can perform polls, ask questions, and administer quizzes. As a result, you’ll have a greater understanding of the top and worst-performing brands. 

Example #1: eBay

The eBay chatbot is the most sophisticated e-Commerce chatbot available. It is designed for Google Assistant and can be used on your smartphone. You may request that he buy something in the world for a very cheap price. It’s amazing, particularly given the size of eBay. 

The voice-only app is wonderfully built. It enables you to work through a large range of product categories.

2. What is a Chatbot for Website: Use Conversational Chatbots to Qualify Leads Automatically

Chatbots are an excellent way to facilitate communication between a business and its customers on your website. A well-designed chatbot example will dramatically help a company’s development. You may use bots to prequalify leads when your sales agents are busy or inaccessible.

Bots enable your company to meet a larger audience while maintaining team efficiency on the company website. You can plan industry-specific questions, and bots can qualify the sales prospects by answering these questions, after which they can be directed to the sales team or scheduled for an appointment.

Example #2: Duolingo

Learning a foreign language is a difficult challenge. You have the words in your mind, but they never come out exactly as you expect them to. It turns out humiliating when conversing with native speakers and struggling while you’re at it. And with an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot tool, Duolingo helped to alleviate the anxiety.

Another example, Roof Ai is a real estate chatbot that leverages the strength of smart chat, also known as the hybrid model, to increase conversions. The lead generation bot dynamically engages with your website users and turns them into your best customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

The bot is ideal for new agents who want to maximize website contact with future leads.

3. What is Customer Service Chatbot that Creates Relationships

A relationship’s cornerstone is trust. A chatbot will help you create confidence by conversing with your audience on a regular basis. It engages subscribers by offering instant assistance and being available to assist them at all times. 

This gives people the impression that there is a brand on which they can still concentrate. This can be very beneficial for lead generation. People trust chatbots because they are not pushy and often consider the customer’s needs.

You can offer customer service to your users with a chatbot. If they encounter any problems with their shopping experience or their account, they will ask the bot how to resolve them. There are some chatbot lead generation methods, but this is the one that must be implemented. 

Example #3: Dominos

With Dom, the Interactive Pizza Bot, Dominos altered the way we order food. The Domino’s chatbot in Messenger will re-order previous orders, include a complete menu, and monitor deliveries. It’s been one of the biggest customer service chatbots — and now I’m craving pizza.

4. What is Facebook Messenger ChatBot: Make Surveys Differently

Filling out paperwork has been a time-consuming chore. It’s neither entertaining nor engaging. Chatbots can effectively substitute these types in order to produce leads.

As the user progresses through the chat, it asks for more details. This reduces complexity and simplifies the data processing process for you. As a result, if a customer does not have to make an effort to fill out the information, the lead generation plan would benefit.

Users find it simple to provide information in response to an answer. A chatbot that collects lead information should not bore the customer. Create a chatbot that can ask any user for their name, username, phone number, address, and other information. You will help the consumer speed up the detail-giving process by offering auto-fill options.

Example #4: Swelly

Swelly is the most well-known Facebook Messenger chatbot. It requires users to choose one of two choices and vote with the general public. Swelly has been used by an incredible amount of people from all over the world – over one million. It has a very normal and easy-to-use feel to it. It’s obviously very well made, as achieving this degree of simplicity is challenging.

5. What is AI ChatBot: Educate and Inform your Audience

Education is a critical component of the lead generation process. The client would not purchase the product whether he or she does not understand it. A chatbot will make this process even easier. Many companies are using chatbots to educate their audiences and convert them into monthly subscribers. 

AI Chatbots make it simple for users to find the content on your website. If you have a blogging site, your bot will allow a user to simply type ‘Content Marketing’ to receive posts about Content Marketing.

Example #5: World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization is the first on our list of chatbots (WHO). The World Health Organization (WHO) is a reliable source of knowledge on the transmission of the coronavirus (COVID-19). To exchange awareness about the pandemic, WHO created the WHO Health Alert WhatsApp bot.

The WHO Health Alert bot assists people in protecting themselves from contamination, providing travel tips, and debunking Coronavirus misconceptions. The program was originally only in English, but it is now currently available in all six United Nations languages (English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.)

Final Words

Customers now have higher expectations of products than ever before. Chatbots, when used correctly, will cross the difference between consumer demands and the actual service delivery, making them an increasingly useful tool for companies in almost every sector. 

It is for this purpose that many companies employ Xenioo to provide chatbot development services in order to build sophisticated chatbot platforms. You can make chatbots that will impress your users as you wish them to be. The answer to the question of what is a chatbot platform can be Xenioo.

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