Slack Standup Bot, the Best Way to Manage Meetings and Progress of Your Team

In this article we’ll talk about Slack Standup Bot. But first an introduction about what are standup meetings and why are important for the organizations.

The accomplishment and completion of the project depend on the organization of efficient stand-up meetings for remote teams. The core idea of the meeting is to share what is accomplished and what remains to be improved and what blocks progress if any.

An extremely effective remote team is the embodiment of Gitlab, the biggest global remote company with 1,300 members in over 65 countries. They conduct meetings for asynchronous engineering in order to monitor their progress. As Gitlab primarily works asynchronously, it can communicate effectively using Slack channels and Slack Standup Bot.

The open marketing clouds hold daily stand-up meetings using the Slack standup bot. They also use Slack forums in which people submit demands, concepts and inquiries for assistance.

Here are a few ways to modify and make your conferences efficient.

  • Start by deciding the stand-up mode
  • Use a series of stand-alone daily questions
  • Hold it to a minimum
  • Make sure the remote members of the team participate
  • Have the correct sound video configuration
  • Always be prompt to share updates

Deciding what Mode You Want for the Standup Meeting

What is most important to conduct efficient scrum meetings? Decide the stand-up mode to meet your remote team. There are two ways broadly speaking:

1. Synchronous Communication

2. Asynchronous Communication.

Deciding what mode, you should go for may seem daunting but in actuality a simple task. Everything depends on where your remote team members are located.

Asynchronous Standup Meetings

It is best to use Asynchronous Stand Up for remote teams spread over several time zones.

Let’s look into how you can do that:

1.    Choosing a Channel:

The very first step is for your daily meetings to have a channel. Once more, the market offers numerous options. Go to Slack, as this is the one most people trust in the world.

2.    Automating Your Standup:

Use a standby bot to streamline your conference, if you want your daily standups to be effective. The scrum bot saves you time and energy to perform more complex things. What is the Slack standup bot going to do?

It sends stand-up notifications to team members according to their respective time areas, reports the meetings effectively and being properly data-driven and gives you the chance to see your booth history. When it is helpful for them, users can address stand-up questions and summaries may be received by email.

Synchronous Standup Meetings

You should go to Synchronous Standups if the team members are all in the same time zone. Video conferences are the best way to run synchronous stand-ups.

Let’s look into how you can do that:

1.    Choosing a perfect tool for the video conferencing:

There are several tools for video conferencing. Go to a dependable team like Zoom and Microsoft for screen sharing and video quality.

2.    Scheduling everything at the same time every day:

The video standups should be held simultaneously each day. The meeting at the beginning of the day is usually a good idea so everyone is aware of what it is. It can also enhance its devotional power.

3.    Assigning a meeting lead every week:

A leader should run the conference seamlessly and orderly on a daily basis.

4.    Keeping it focused:

A common fit fall in video meetings is that representatives often deviate from work and talk sidebar. The conference is responsible for keeping the stand-up concentrated on critical topics.

5.    Using the Parking Lot Method:

Companies such as Hotjar use the parking technique where meetings are held which act as outlets for side-bar talks. It is important to spend time and space on the human connection you need for your team. And during stand-ups, they are less likely to leave the matter.

What does Slack Standup Bot Do?

Stand-up sessions are the perfect way to ensure leaders remain on board without long e-mail, missed calls or sporadic meeting notices.

Standup Bot offers a description of this knowledge that keeps team members working hard to preserve their reputations with the team. And leaders remain up-to-date on the next steps, addiction and improvement overall.

Team members are accountable to each other. Stand-ups are the best instrument for small teams, project management, and CTO’s. Moreover, stand-up meetings do not take endless hours for data entry, project reports or tutorials to understand.

Their team is based in the USA and we are serious about the security of the information. Other bots have bloated choices, complex features, and confusing learning instructions. But you can have stand-ups within 1 minute with Stand-up Bot.

Using a Slack standup bot of Daily Standup Questions:

It is vital that a standard collection of regular scrum questions in the scrum guide is used to make the standup meetings successful. If you are taking the asynchronous or synchronous mode, participants answering the usual questions are the best scrum session. The members of the team already know which details they should share and they should then plan.

Three typical scrum questions that are raised:

1.    What did I do the previous day?

Team members discuss what they’ve done since the last rehearsal meeting. Members should concentrate on deliverables that help the team reach its target.

2.    What are the plans for today?

Members express their plans and priorities for the day. This encourages the management to consider the remaining work. In order that everyone is on target, it is important to remember the sprint goal when addressing the survey.

3.    Are there any obstacles?

If you have issues with the project, your team should be aware of it as soon as possible. These are the issues that can stop the speed and success of your team.

These three regular scrums are fantastic, covering all the key issues. However, if you want to add your team questions, you can build tailor-made questions.

Keeping it short:

It should not last more than 15 minutes for a stand-up meeting, whether in person or online. Instead of long meetings, the idea is to synchronize with the participants. There is an issue if the team takes more than 15 minutes to stand up for the day.

The members of your team will not be ready for the meeting. You could not express the changes clearly. You speak too much about stuff or your team could be high.

The issue with the stand-up session must be learned and resolved quickly. If there is something to be addressed during regular stand-ups, organize a different meeting.

Overview of Slack Standup Bot:

1.    Suitable for all sizes remote teams

2.    Reports on Slack, emails and the web Review reports

3.    Maintain the focus of your team

4.    Make sure development is continuous

Key Points:

1.    Make regular status meetings automated.

2.    Remote teams should have routine checks.

3.    Reduction of mountains of mails for the managers

4.    Giving more accountability to the members of the team.

Final Thought

Updates addressed during standup meetings must be distributed to the whole team. It is particularly important for those who were unable to attend the meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. They must be aware of the latest developments in order to remain in sync.

It also assists in evaluating the factors that contributed to a project’s success or failure. These are the measures that we use at Xenioo to run successful standup meetings. It will spare you a lot of time and effort, allowing you to concentrate on more critical tasks.

Do you want learn more about Slack Bots? See our guide about How To Build A Slack Bot To Efficently Manage Your Timesheet

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